27 May 2020, Wednesday
Religious Services

Mass Times

Saturday: 10 am and 6 pm anticipated Mass of Sunday.

Sunday 9.15, 11.30 am and 1pm  
Monday to Friday: 10 am
Holy Days - 6 pm anticipated Mass of the Feast, Holy Day 10 am   and 1 pm. (Please check in Parish News section of our website for the changes in Mass times)
First Friday - 10 am 
• Miraculous Medal: Monday after 10 am Mass
• Rosary: Daily after 10 am Mass
• Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament: Tuesday to Friday after 10 am Mass till 11.30 am


Sacrament Of Penance (Confessions):
Saturdays after the 10 am Mass

Communal Celebration of Sacrament of Penance (Rite II):
As announced


Second Saturday of each Month at 12 noon.

One Month's Notice required.

Please contact the Parish Office in person for Arrangements.

Telephone 01-2804969.

Marriages and Funerals

By arrangement with the Priests of the Parish. Contact the Parish Office. 01-2804969 or the Priest on Duty.


If you are visiting St Michaels for any of these services kindly note we are serviced by the following bus routes - 111, 45A, 46A, 46N, 46X, 59, 63, 7, 75, 7A, 7N. We are a few minutes walk from Dun Laoghaire Dart Station.

The Month of May

Pope Francis has asked that, during the Month of May, the Rosary should be recited in the Church right across the World in the context of the coronavirus and its effects.  Pope Francis has composed this special prayer for the occasion. 

“We fly to your protection, O Holy Mother of God”.

In the present tragic situation, when the whole world is prey to suffering and anxiety, we fly to you, Mother of God and our Mother and seek  refuge under your protection.

Virgin Mary, turn your merciful eyes towards us amid this coronavirus pandemic. Comfort those who are distraught and mourn their loved ones who have died, and at times are buried in a way that grieves them deeply. Be close to those who are concerned for their loved ones who are sick and who, in order to prevent the spread of the disease, cannot be close to them. Fill with hope those who are troubled by the uncertainty of the future and the consequences for the economy and employment.

Mother of God and our Mother, pray for us to God, the Father of  mercies, that this great suffering may end and that hope and peace may dawn anew. Plead with your divine Son, as you did at Cana, so that the families of the sick and the victims be comforted, and their hearts be opened to confidence and trust.

Protect those doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers who are on the frontline of this emergency, and are risking their lives to save others. Support their heroic effort and grant them strength, generosity and continued health.

Be close to those who assist the sick night and day, and to priests who, in their pastoral concern and fidelity to the Gospel, are trying to help and support everyone.

Blessed Virgin, illumine the minds of men and women engaged in scientific research, that they may find effective solutions to overcome this virus.

 Support national leaders, that with wisdom, solicitude and generosity, that they may come to the aid of those lacking the basic  necessities of life and may devise social and economic solutions inspired by farsightedness and solidarity.

 Mary Most Holy, stir our consciences, so that the enormous funds invested in developing and stockpiling arms will instead be spent on  promoting effective research on how to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

 Beloved Mother, help us realise that we are all members of one great family and to recognise the bond that unites us, so that, in a spirit of fraternity and solidarity, we can help to alleviate countless situations of poverty and need. Make us strong in faith, persevering in service, constant in prayer.

Mary, Consolation of the afflicted, embrace all your children in distress and pray that God will stretch out his all-powerful hand and free us from this terrible pandemic, so that life can serenely resume its normal course.

To you, who shine on our journey as a sign of salvation and hope do we entrust ourselves, O Clement, O Loving, O Sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.

Dear Parishioners,

Two weeks ago nobody is their wildest dreams could have imagined with what a catastrophic effect the Corona Virus would have struck our Parish, our country and our world. We are living in what many have called unprecedented times. We are at war with an invisible enemy.

As people of faith we are called to face the fears of this moment with courage not our own and with a generous heart. God is with his people in good times and in bad. Like believers in every age we say “If I should walk in the Valley of darkness, no evil would I fear for You are there”.

In an hour of trial Jesus calls on us his followers to serve the common good, by taking responsibility for each other and to prioritise the most vulnerable in our Community, ahead of our individual wants and aspirations. At this time, our first concern has to the for the elderly, the ill and those with underlying medical conditions.

It is for this reason that the celebration of Mass in our Church has been suspended and the Church itself is closed until further notice.

I encourage you to pray at home each day. To remember all who have died as a result of the virus, those who are in mourning for lost loved ones, those suffering from the virus and especially the wonderful health workers who risk their own health and lives in tending to others. Please add the Memorare to your prayers.

Use your phone each day to keep in contact with people you know, especially those elderly living alone – these are very difficult times for them.

Have courage. Keep the Faith. Hopefully we will return to our Church for a Mass of Thanksgiving when these days of darkness and fear have passed.

God bless and keep you all safe and healthy,

Fr. Paul and Fr. Martin.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Important Notice: Covid-19 Outbreak

Dear Parishioners of St. Michael's, this is a difficult time for all of us. We pray that with God’s help and by helping one another we can get through this crisis together.

Funerals will still take place although the number of mourners may have to be restricted. The Parish Office will remain closed until further notice.

Those who have booked masses can re arrange them through parish office or one of the priests will offer mass for that intention privately. Please refer to our website for further updates. We entrust each of you to the loving care of God our Father. 



 We have a duty of care to our parishioners and to all in our country to protect the health of people. The situation will be reviewed as new information becomes available.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Day Masses is now removed. This is a time for us to pray for each other and for our country and our world as we face this crisis.

There will be a Mass broadcast from Cabinteely Church on the webcam on Sundays at 10 AM and also from Foxrock Church. Please visit their websites and tune into their web broadcast. Please continue to pray and to look after your neighbours.

Thank you again for your understanding at this difficult time.























Exposition of the Most Blessed

Sacrament: Tuesday to Friday after

10 a.m. Mass till 11.30 a.m.